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Recent Work

I've been building websites and web applications professionally for over 5 years (since 2012), but I have a sneaking suspicion you aren't here to reminisce about old memories! To keep things succinct, I'm only showing projects from the last two years (Last updated August 2017).

Coronado Beach Fit

Coronado Beach Fit (2017)

Coronado Beach Fit is a unique take on a residential fitness & health program, with a focus on fun events, personal development, and lasting memories all under the umbrella of one unforgettable vacation in Coronado, CA. Here's a few project highlights:

  • Custom Reservation booking with server-rendered interactive calendar, room selection, and Stripe payment processing.
  • API integration with Zoho CRM to automatically add all reservations and leads.
  • Designed and built custom, responsive website in collaboration with Barttelbort.
  • Planned & directed content strategy with CBF Team.

Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, Stripe API, Zoho CRM API, Cloudflare

The Wine Spies (2016-2017)

With so much great wine in Sonoma County, The Wine Spies have carved out a niche for themselves selling a different high quality wine at an unbeatable price every day. I helped The Wine Spies achieve the following objectives:

  • SEO overhaul, including optimizing on-page SEO and better visitor source tracking.
  • Responsive overhaul of existing design - making their entire site and email marketing mobile-friendly for the first time.
  • Reporting upgrades, including sales profitability, contribution, and a daily revenue calendar.

Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails

The Wine Spies
Sunscreen - Swinerton Renewable Energy

Sunscreen (2016)

When you're an leader in the solar industry, to describe managing QA on your large-scale solar construction projects using only pencil and paper as a headache would be a gross understatement. Enter Sunscreen. Sunscreen consists of a API server and administrative web interface paired with an iPad app for use by QA teams in the field. The result? An elegant, all-digital solution to a significant organizational problem.

Commissioned by Swinerton Renewable Energy and built in collaboration with The Engine is Red, I was in charge of spearheading web & server aspect of the project. Here's a video of a member of the Swinerton Renewable team discussing the problem we solved, and a few highlights:

  • Elegant web interface for team, project, and QA Issue management with realtime updates.
  • Progress data and reporting across dozens of large-scale solar projects.
  • API development for consumption by iOS app.
  • Permissions-based User roles and management.
  • State-driven progress management to keep thousands of inter-connected construction components in sync.
  • Robust test suite containing hundreds of unit tests covering all aspects of backend processes.

Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Amazon AWS, Redis, Rspec

Avec (2015)

In Sonoma County, Wine and Craft Beverages are well-known as the primary economic sectors of the region. With that in mind, The Engine is Red came up with a great idea - why not offer personalized Wine Tours to SF Bay Area Millennials featuring great design and an emphasis on a one-of-a-kind experience?

While the Engine team came up with the creative and functional details of the project, they asked me to build their pass redemption system, comprising of the following:

  • Stripe payment processing
  • Dynamic generation of tour passes, which are generated into a PDF and emailed to the customer.
  • Tour pass management backend to keep track of codes across each different member winery.

Technologies Used: Node, Express, React, PostgreSQL, Stripe API, Squarespace


Side Projects

I'm an itch scratcher at heart. Although I'm not quite ready to unveil these to the general public, I'd love to talk your ear off over any of these side projects I've been working on (or chat about your wild ideas!)

Algorithmic Stock Trading

Over the course of 2016, I built a custom trading app from scratch using a strategy centered around social sentiment data and some relatively simple trading rules. The app paper trades during market hours, and has seen some very promising results.

NLP Product Reviews

Using the Amazon API, in 2017 I built a basic application that rewrites niche product reviews using a Natural Language Processing API. I have fever dreams of this kick-starting a large-scale product review site once the quality of my rewriting algorithm improves.

Ecommerce Reseller Tools

When my wife discovered Poshmark (an app for iOS which facilitates a marketplace for gently used clothing), we thought it would be a great idea to build an application which will help power sellers create and save searches that return only items that could be resold at a profit.

Who Is This Guy?

Based in California, I've been building websites since I was only 10 years old (remember Geocities?), and professionally since 2012.

Growing up, I worked a number of odd jobs before I decided to become a developer. During high school, I pumped gas and pulled nails out of tires at a full-service gas station. Before graduating from San Diego State University, I worked as a salesperson and technician at an Apple store by day, and performed live as a bass player in rock'n'roll bands by night. These experiences allowed me to interact with thousands of people from all walks of life, each with unique stories and wisdom to share.

In the summer of 2015 I was lucky enough to marry my best friend Nicole. Together we love hosting board game nights, hiking, golfing, vintage movies, and any kind of travel or food-related adventures we can stumble upon.

I feel blessed to be able to be able to solve problems, create brand new products, and help businesses for a living. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new!

PS - I spend a lot of time thinking about startups and delivering massive value to customers. If you're putting a team together and are looking for a founding engineer, let's talk!

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